A method and software tool for automated gearbox synthesis

a method and software tool for automated gearbox synthesis

Lin, yi-shih, shea, kristina, johnson, aylmer, coultate, john, and pears, jamie. Proceedings of the asme 2009 international design engineering technical conferences and computers and information in engineering conference.

We find out similar knowledge synthesis approach in engineering grammars concept developed in 8. We catch up here the design knowledge throughout computer based grammar representation (string, set, shape or graph) and build up an automated design generator that allow to explore the design space for a defined application.

Lin y, shea k, johnson a, coultate j, pears j (2009) a method and software tool for automated gearbox synthesis.

This paper introduces the approach of object-oriented graph grammars for the computational synthesis of product models based on a functionbehaviorstructure (fbs) representation. The approach combines the advantages of a generic and systematic design method with a highly computable graph representation and object-oriented concepts.

A method and software tool for automated gearbox synthesis, asme. A learning-based adaptive routing for qos-aware data collection in fixed sensor networks with mobile sinks.

Computational design synthesis is not the only area in which design space exploration techniques can be applied. One subdomain in mechatronics in which a lot of research on dse is performed is the optimal deployment of software on a distributed set of ecus , or more generally the (deployment) design of the embedded systems.

Predicting variation in the nvh characteristics of an automatic transmission using a detailed parametric modelling approach more. Publication date 2007 publication name sae technical paper series. Save to library an analytical method to reduce gear whine noise, including validation with test data more.

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Number of gear ratios values of gear ratios 2 choice of an architecture by a specialized engineer 3 continuous optimization of the selected architecture gear diameters shaft lines axis positions components axial positions automatized gearbox architecture design exploration by exhaustive graph generation 3.